" I struggled with acne for as far back as 3rd grade. I remember taking photos for my headgear at 9 years old and seeing pimples on my forehead. Through my teen and adult years the acne became cystic and painful. in my early 20s I tried EVERYTHING at sephora. My acne got increasingly worse and my hyperpigmentation darkened. I had no idea which products to use and was overwhelmed by fancy packaging and what my favorite perfect skinned influencers were pushing. My before photo was taken early 2019. I began sampling and testing formulations for Meagaglow later than year and saw such a difference the formulations were providing for me. Over the last couple years my skin has completely changed. My after photo was taken September 2022. Meagaglow gave me everything I couldn't find from the department stores and all the benefits of clinical products without the doctor visit. I started Meagaglow to help everyone with all skin types. To make this SH!T easy! Give people the facts. Simplify the skincare industry + not push products with harmful ingredients or overpriced packaging. I stand behind this products and I am my best customer. "
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