It’s so easy to compare our journey to what we see on social media. I remember being in college 2 years after all my friends had graduated. I didn’t bother making friends or getting too involved in school activities because I was so embarrassed to ‘still be in college’. Geez, how privileged does that sound ? I am at an age where most people are getting married, having kids, buying house...etc. I am just not there yet and it is so easy to wonder 'why me?!'. But our journeys are unique and beautiful. They most deff do not have to be alike. 

Don’t spend all your time “should-ing”. I should be doing this. I should be here...etc. Society sometimes pushes this should on us. Making us overlook our wants. When you start “should-ing” Ask yourself, “is that what you actually want to be?” and if it is set up some small short term goals to get there. If the path you are taking is not fulfilling you or getting you to your end goal - change the path not the goal! 

The playing field is different and not even for everyone. You are exactly where you are suppose to be 🤍 accept where you are at and give yourself permission to thrive. & ENJOY THE NOW! 

Xx have an amazing Wednesday glow fam ✌🏼✨
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