We let that shit go because life is too short for resentment.👏🏻

We can’t go back into the past to change our behavior or the actions of others. But we do have an opportunity right now to be a stronger, wiser, better version of ourselves. By going back and learning the lessons from our mistakes, we can bring more love and understanding into our relationships and to ourselves.

Your past does not dictate your future. Your perception does. Your actions today does. You will be better to those around you when you love and accept yourself. Because we simply can’t give what we don’t have

Give your self 59 mins to dwell and bask in whatever bullshit you need to. In the 60th minute.... let it go. Do not give anything the power to weigh you down. ✨✌🏼

Happy Monday glow fam. Let’s fucking get it!!!
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