It can be easy to give up on a new task when you find yourself struggling to get to the finish line easily. We live in a time where we want immediate results. It is simply not how things work. Being a beginner isn’t a bad thing or something to be embarrassed about. Sometimes, when I’m working on a new project or starting up a new hobby that doesn’t totally come easy to me, I find myself super frustrated and even sometimes procrastinating the task knowing it will be challenging.


But, WE NEED TO ALLOW OURSELVES TO BE BEGINNERS. Taking on new challenges and being successful or failing can be so rewarding.


1. Just because you start off great, doesn’t mean you’ll be great all the time! Allow yourself to make mistakes and laugh and learn when you do!


2. Give yourself time, space, and the freedoms to figure it out! You’re doing amazing sweetie🤍


3. Consistency will ALWAYS beat talent that doesn’t show up. FEWF... this one hits hard.


4. Be okay with being uncomfortable. Challenges will make you even stronger!


5. Making mistakes are not the end of the world. Own up to the mistake. Learn what you did wrong & improve next time! Don't be afraid to ask questions!

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